Aeroponics is the term used to describe multiple types of growing systems. A system of true aeroponics specializes in completely draining out nutrients between the cycles. This dry air cycle displaces the existing nutrients. The benefits of this system is allowing the roots to intake deeper nutrient concentrations without getting burned out. This happens because of the dryer cycle. That allows full drainage while in a dark and humid environment. This is the most pure type of aeroponic system.

The nutrient film technique aeroponic system is also known as the NFT. This usually uses a gutter type system that has a flat bottom. The top may be extruded and hold net pots. It may also be open on top and directly below the parts are placed. It works with nutrients flowing past the pots using a gravity method. There is a thin film because of the flat bottom with an often in continuous flow. The system works best for small plants because the nutrients do not oxygenate well. Because of absent ministers, they also need to use a grow medium.this is the most failsafe type of system but does not incorporate some of the benefits of the other systems. Use the system if the plants are naturally subject to root rot, or if you are growing in an area of power failures.

The bubbler is a very liquidated system. This is because this system where the roots hang into a deep bucket like the deep flow system. The bucket contains nutrients in the bottom. The plant is also sprayed from above by Mr.’s. It gets the bubbles name by using air stones in the buckets below. The plants from the system will be bigger than the deep flow aeroponic systems, but the downside is that they are not efficient in their use of space. This makes the working environment more difficult to move around in. The plants also must not be of a type that would be subjected to root rot, as this system is prevalent to root rot. This system is known for growing the largest plants.

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The deep flow aeroponics system is considered aeroponic because of the use of misters to oxygenate and implement nutrients. It is known as deep flow by the implementation dab rigs of a riser, which is used in the grow chamber, and prevents all the nutrients from draining out. These types of systems hold certain amounts of nutrients. These nutrients are held in the grow chamber, and in this system about 1 inch worth. Reason for this is to protect in case of a power failure. The downside of the protection of power failure costs extra productivity. It also causes more instances of pathogens, as well as root rot. This happens more commonly than in the pure NFT aeroponic system. The power failure safety does not apply in the case of green houses. It will protect for several hours.

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The first thing to think about is where you will put your system. Think about what the plants and fish need. Consistent temperature, light, no interruptions. You don’t want to keep your system in an area with pets or smokers, as both can do serious and obvious damage. You also don’t want to keep it in a room that has a slight breeze in it from the crack in your window frame.

Next you need to worry about oxygen. Plants and fish both need it. You might think well, I’m going to use goldfish. They don’t have bubblers in the goldfish tanks at the pet store. Why do I need it? The reason why is because you are raising two living things, not just one. Plants need the oxygen, and even if you have goldfish, they will live longer. The oxygen will not affect them in any negative way.

This brings us to our third point – what kind of fish you will raise. It will be cheaper and easier to raise gold fish. Not only will they multiply for you, but you can get them anywhere. However, you may want to think about putting your system to a double use. Many people raise bluegill or tilapia, my choice being bluegill. You can order the fry for just about any reasonable fish online. Raise them, let them multiply, and when they are big enough, harvest them. This will fill up your freezer with vegetables and fish fillets quickly.

The next thing you need to think about is the exact placement of the system. You don’t necessarily want to have it as a showpiece, up on top of the mantle. How will you harvest your plant? Unless, of course, you are growing an ornamental, which is perfectly fine. If you are growing something like herbs or peppers though, you will want to have the top of the plant pot be at waist level. This will make it so much easier to harvest.

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