Modern Warfare 2 – Noob Tubing Standards

 Modern Warfare 2 – Noob Tubing Standards

How often do we see noob tubers running around?: More often than every time. It has come to a time where my favorite game series have been plagued with them that 38 super ammo for sale  even losers can play, but is this really healthy for a long term relationship with hardcore gamers and the standing of the Call of Duty series?

Who’s at fault?

It is entirely to the developers and their desire to make it a noob-friendly game. At which the grenade launcher attachment is a barracks reward and giving them freedom to run around, killing you for less skill.

Grave mistake?

A harder slip-up is when they get unlimited ammo. What we know is that the scavenger perk gives them ammo when they get a blue bag. They can literally run around the map with endless supply with just picking off from fallen enemies or allies. Add to the injury is that the danger close perk enhances its effects, making it really hard hitting to those getting it on the other line.

So how much does it take to not tick off all opponents with the GL standards?

We all know that they are used mostly for newcomers that don’t know how to aim. A better suggestion on using it is only by moderation and upon learning to aim.

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