Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred North Whitehead is a panentheist illuminating presence and philosophical virtuoso with the core of a genuine spiritualist like the incredible sages and chemists of the dim and concealed past. I particularly like these short expressions of his. “Numerical physical science assumes in any case an electromagnetic field of action invading existence. The regulations which condition this field aren’t anything else than the circumstances saw by the overall movement of the motion of the world, as it individualizes itself in the occasions.”

At the point when he addressed the understudies of Harvard in 1940 he recognized the issues confronting the trouble of getting genuine training similarly as around similar time in a discourse to his Sarah Lawrence understudies. I frequently quote his location named Permanent Human Values and I energetically suggest or demand that everybody read it. It very well may be summarized in these words frequently cited from Whitehead by Ralph Nader. “Obligation emerges from our likely command throughout occasions. Where feasible information might have changed the issue, obliviousness has the responsibility of bad habit.”

Mr. Whitehead’s nearby relationship with one of my life as a youngster legends named Bertrand Russell is something I have pondered as I became mindful that Russell, similar to JFK, had conflicted with his Merovingian family. Reports say they headed various paths or went separate ways after numerous years for questionable reasons and I realize Whitehead was keen on the undertakings of mystery social orders and their effect on the administration of the world as the above quote surely would permit me to guess. Might Whitehead at any point have had some significant awareness of Joseph Kennedy and his accursed contributions in the Pilgrims, Corsair Club or other Illuminized endeavors? I may never be aware without a doubt, yet it is obvious to me he was at Harvard during the basic time frame paving the way to a significant number of the occasions incorporating a relationship with Kennedy counsel (and Merovingian) and overseer John Kenneth Galbraith. I should again clarify that the Illuminati can’t be essentially invalidated with words like Satanic or  Benefits are given ‘worldwide corporatists’; their vision for the world has a ton of legitimacy as Weishaupt protector Thomas Jefferson once noted.

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